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Quality Resources

This details various resources which others have told me are quality resources.  I have not verified for myself if all of these are truly quality resources or not.
  • NASB/NIV Parallel NT in Greek and English – ed. By Marshall, Zondervan Pub.
  • New Englishman’s Greek Concordance – ed. Bagster, Zondervan or Hendrickson Pub.
  • Hebrew Concordance also
  • A Parsing Guide to the Greek NT – Nathan Han
  • Exegetical Dictionary of the NT – ed. Horst Balz, Gerherd Schneider
  • New Analytical Greek Lexicon – Wesley Perschbacher
  • NIV Theological Dictionary of the NT – Colin Brown
  • Theological Dictionary of the NT – ed. Kittel (10 volumes)
  • Dictionary of NT Theology – ed. Colin Brown, Zondervan Pub (3 volumes)
  • Figures of Speech in the Bible – Bullinger
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia – Geoffrey Bromily (4 Volumes)
  • Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary – Merril C. Tenney (5 Volumes)
  • Illustrative Bible Dictionary (3 Volumes)
  • Dictionary of Later NT – ed. Ralph Martin and Peter Davids
  • …And Marries Another Craig Keener
  • Commentaries on Romans: Moule or F.F. Bruce

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